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"As a fencing contractor I am called upon to repair and restrain existing fences and I have found the 60 second wire strainer very quick and easy to use getting the job done in a fraction of the time it took with chain wire strainers. I find that I can use them in all areas of fencing including straining short sections of new fence. What a great product."

Your's faithfully,
John Orr



Want to strain loose wire easier and faster? Then try our new wire strainer. It lets you strain agricultural fence wire in 60 seconds, or less. That’s right. Less than one minute. Plus, it’s inexpensive and easy to use,saves time and energy and that in turn takes a little bit more pressure off the farm budget.

Sound fantastic? It is! That’s why I’m excited to tell you all about this great new wire strainer. But before I do, let me first introduce myself…

My name is John Shelton. I used to work on sheep and cattle stations in outback Western Australia. I loved working on stations, except for one job –maintaining fences. I hated it. It’s tedious, time consuming and utterly boring. If you’ve ever worked on a farm or station, you’d know what I mean.

I’d put fencing off until I could no longer avoid it, then I’d grab some pliers, a pair of conventional chain strainers and spend a couple of days straining up wires. Wires that if I’d had the 60secondwirestainer under the seat of the ute, I could have strained up in seconds as I came across them.

Out With The Old Chain strainers and In With The New 60secondwirestrainer

It takes me about 15 minutes or more to strain up one wire with a pair of conventional chain strainers, when I have to undo the wire at the strainer post and then restrain. It takes even longer with barb (not to mention the cuts). Now I can strain up a wire in seconds anywhere in the fence without having to loosen wire. With a broken wire I just splice in a new piece of wire at the break and then use the 60secondwirestrainer to strain it up.

Recently I walked around a friend’s 10 acre horse riding school on the Mornington Peninsula (6 paddocks) and restrained all the loose wires. It took me a couple of hours. But of course it took longer to do the walking than it did to strain the wires!

What is really great about the 60secondwirestrainer is not just how quickly and easily it strains wires, but that it works on pretty much all wires that can be tightened. The 60second wire strainer strains plain wire, high tensile wire, barbed wire and ringlock. It can also be used in vineyards on trellises. Plus, the heavy duty clip works just as well on the heavier, 8 gauge wire. The 60second wirestrainer The 60secondwirestrainer was designed by a farmer for farmers and is patented and manufactured from the highest quality materials. Most importantly, we deliver no-risk satisfaction with our lifetime, unconditional, money-back guarantee.

We at 60secondwire strainers are dedicated to supplying new and innovative farm products to the farming and agricultural communities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our commitment to farmers is to provide the best possible service to the farming community including the horticultural and viticultural sectors and we back our commitment with our 100% money back guarantee on our products and services.

With our best regards and hours of savings in time and energy,

John Shelton


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Dear John,
We have recently bought a 200 acre grazing property and having been in a banking and small business career I had no idea how to fence properly and was worried about our 25 head of cattle. I found the 60secondwirestrainers on the internet and tried the starter pack for $89 inc freight. I went around the boundary and strained 7 wires in 45 minutes. I totally recommend the 60secondwirestrainer. It takes the worry out of fencing.
Thank You

Wayne Burley, Little Mountain QLD
Unbelievable tool!! I am a petite woman who moved to 40 acres to live the farm life, but the fences were in quite a droopy state of repair. I have never touched a fence in my life, but with this great little tool I fixed the fences on my own in no time at all! The first turn is the hardest especially on heavy duty barbed wire, but once you get the hang of it, it is the best tool ever. Very quick delivery too.
Thanks a heap

Judie Robertson, Amberley QLD
“Hi John, my order arrived today, thanks for the speedy dispatch. I'm so impressed, these strainers are ABSOLUTELY BLOODY BRILLIANT! After Cyclone Yasi felled trees all over our fences it's been a constant battle to keep up with fence-busting steers etc. I've just been out playing with the fences (YES IT'S FUN) and spent 30 minutes, fixing what would normally take 1/2 a day to achieve...now I'm off for a boundary walk, looking for more slack fences.! :)

Anne Gregory, Cardwell QLD
"As a retired station owner now hobby farmer I can see the 60secondwirestrainer being a most useful tool through the whole farming community. The tool can be easily carried under seat of ute and loose wire strained instantly.. It’s such a simple concept that takes all the hard work out of fence maintenance. It’s a great improvement on chain strainers.
Thank You

David Campbell, Toodyay WA
"Thank you for your prompt delivery of 60secondwirestrainer clips. I have found them very useful in reconditioning some thirty kilometres of fence that I am undertaking for the Kalgoorlie Boulder Urban Land Care Group. They work in confined spaces and are very quick and simple to use. I am using them on barbwire and normal high-tension wire. I am also fencing on the Nullarbor plain where I am using some old eight-gauge wire that I salvaged from the original telegraph line that used to run along side the Trans Australian railway line. This wire is very touch and even after almost ninety tears of exposure to the elements the galvanising is still intact. It makes the fence highly visible but being a soft wire, your 60secondwirestrainers are ideal for keeping it tight. Like most great ideas, your 60secondwirestrainers are very simple and effective. I would like to order one hundred each of both the heavy duty and standard clips.

Graeme Campbell, Kalgoorlie WA
"John, thanks for sending the handle and the extra clips. Really appreciated.On Thursday we went around all of the fences and several of them now look much healthier and capable of retaining the cattle, so I am feeling much better about that. I will certainly promote you to any friends who have slack fences.

Gary Bruce, Newrybar NSW
"Like a lot of excellent innovations, the "60secondwirestrainer" has simplicity at it's core. It is simple to either just strain a wire or mend and strain a wire without complicated, cumbersome chain or similar strainers. Unlike some other wire straining methods where there is a chance of wire slipping the 60secondwirestrainer can’t slip and the whole process is completed in seconds. It will be the way I strain fences from now on. I can’t believe how such a simple idea has taken so long to be thought of. I love it !
Warm regards

Ainsley Steadman, formerly Dairy Creek Station WA